January 15, 2007

Mindfucks and apologies

So it's been forever. I feel bad. I hope to start posting a bit more frequently again. In the meantime, someone else is sort of, kind of, doing my forensic post-hoc analysis work for me, over at Grey-13493:

Mindfuck is a tag that has been used only once on askmefi. I'm truly amazed. More people should be using this in the human relations section, I think. I'm sure it would suit many other categories as well. If people were more attuned to what a mindfuck is . . . then they wouldn't be posting a lot of those human relationship questions, I guess.

It's true, or was at least at the time of this writing: there's only one AskMe tagged with "mindfuck". Amazing? That's subjective. Tags on the green aside, the term has been used on metafilter now and then:

~70 raw hits, touching on:

- middle school suicide
- religious hypocracy
- lesbian bunny maple syrup
- new-agey films
- marketing schemes
- dead soldiers
- something about the Old Testament?
- rotoscoping
- cute violence (with bonus "this made me join metafilter" sighting!)

And so on.

And the real gem, a specific self-conscious use of the mindfuck tag on the blue.

Small note, I'm rather fond of the Herbert rework by loquacious in this litany:

I must not care.
Care is the mind-fucker.
Care is the belittling breath that brings unwanted obligation.
I will face my cares.
I will tell them to fuck off and ignore them.
And when they have gone past I will turn the inner eye to see their path.
Where the cares have gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.