June 02, 2006

Digest: Threads 201-300

If you're keeping track, you'll note that threads 101-200 haven't been covered. Worry not—they're coming, via guest correspondent (and long-time mefite and #mefi/#tapes denizen) antifreez.

In the mean time, let's look at...

Threads 201-300

Still prehistoric times, much like the first hundred. Many broken links. Not worth linking too, though—they're broken. Among those are a plurality of deceased Geocities pages.

tdecius did a LOT of posting; he and Matt account for a good 90 of these 100 threads. And most of the very, very few comments. Most threads still have none; a few have comments from whichever of the two posters didn't make the post. Matt also replies to himself now and then.

Highlight Reel

Matt likes guiness

Shotgun Rules
This one's interesting—not only has the link not died, the website in question, shotgunrules.com, has gotten an incremental makeover from back when Matt linked it. Much of the text and layout remains the same, but it's been prettied up, adorned with Google Ads on the sidebar, and revised here and there. Note particularly the change, in the Exceptions section near the bottom, from "The Opposite Sex" on the older version to "Significant Others" on the current revision. The addition of a Rock, Scissors, Paper rule for arbitration of contested shotgun calls is a good thing as well.

Matt predicts death of Slate
Unabashed links to several unrelated things
Wow! Domain registration for just $20!
Front page editorializing!

First: Linkee comments in thread.
And, adorably enough, he commits a Todd Lokken. Remember, kids, don't sign your posts.

Matt <3 Moxy Fruvous
The dark days before Skype
Godwin's Law manifests
A post by someone other than Matt or tdecius!
San Fran is dead to Matt

A landmark post!
Item: not posted by Matt or tdecius!
Item: 4 comments! 4! Of course, they're all from Matt and tdecius...
Item: I worked for a dot-com in 2000 that was trying (and failing) to compete in this space. If only I'd been reading Metafilter back then...

Metafilter server boots slow
Wow! Napster!
tdecius is a self-linking bastard
Matt scratches surface of non-secure communications
Did I mention Rock, Scissors, Paper?

And that's a wrap. Look for antifreez's post in the next few days, as well as a contribution from another super secret guest correspondent (named "dios") whenever he gets a chance to put one together.

(What? You are interested in contributing? Really? Well, drop me an email, then!)


Anonymous bingo said...

He predicted that Slate's business model wasn't going to work, and he was right. They changed it and stopped charging, or even asking for registration.

9:48 PM  
Blogger Josh Millard said...

True! But "Matt correctly predicts, through snarky implication, the inevitable reconfiguration of Slate's business model" doesn't have the same snap to it.

And then we've got, for example, Salon, which is using that self-same model—though I do not recall if Slate offered any substantive free content, so go easy on me here. I also haven't a clue how well Salon is doing, though they seem to be at least hanging around.

And now I'm getting nostalgiac about suck.com.

7:27 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

But was waxpancake right or wrong in his comment about Napster?

3:14 PM  
Blogger Josh Millard said...

I think waxy was wrong and right; but then, I think he was kidding, too, so that pretty much trashes the rightness matrix.

Certainly, Napster did catch on. And though that hallowed cat-thing of yore has now been rebranded into an industry-compliant pay service, there's obviously no shortage of alternatives.

And then there's the iTunes store...

7:50 AM  

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